Life is struggle. Communicate and record better, only $49 to go, 50% OFF, a language gift for you. Life is struggle. Communicate and record better, only $49 to go, 50% off, a language gift for you.


About Product FAQ

What is ONE Mini?

ONE Mini is a pocket language assistant that integrates AI voice translation, multilingual Speech-to-text,live interpreter service, and music audio receiver into a lifestyle gadget. Put 12 languages in the pocket, four color with metal body to choose. Stylish, easy-to-use and simple.

Why coupling machine translation with human live interpreter?

AI is not always omnipotent, human-machine integration empowers more application scenarios, highly improve the accuracy and experience, giving you unparalleled sense of security when travel abroad. Machine translation deals with simple and short conversations. Live interpreter is dedicated to provide complex, professional and personalized multilingual service, such as business conference and language-barrier emergencies such as property lost or accident.

How accurate is ONE Mini AI translation? Any latency?

The accuracy is above 97%, enough for simple daily conversations, but insufficient to deal with complex and professional communication. The latency is within 1 second. ONE Mini recognizes your voice and translates in real-time. Latency may incur due to unstable network.

Does ONE Mini support AI offline voice translation?

Currently no. We are working to integrate offline multilingual resources to support reliable offline translation in the future.

How many languages does ONE Mini support?

AI translation & Multilingual speech-to-text: support two-way translation between 12 languages including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Arabic, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian. Live interpreter: support two-way interpreter only for English to the rest 11 languages and Chinese to the rest 11 languages. We are working to expand more languages by user research.

Does ONE Mini support two-way translation?

Yes. AI translation & Multilingual speech-to-text functions support two-way translation between 12 languages as indicated. Live interpreter function supports two-way interpreter only for English to the rest 11 languages and Chinese to the rest 11 languages. Other languages are unavailable currently, more languages will be available soon by user research.

Is the translation ONE Mini provided free of charge?

The AI translation and multilingual transcription is free of charge, they are included in the price of ONE Mini device. 
For live interpreter, you will have to top up the service fee, it charges about $2/minute. We will offer more economical subscription model in the future, such as monthly fee and annual fee.

Where can I top up the live interpreter service?

Through ONE Mini exclusive APP.

Where can I download the ONE Mini App?

Here are the links to download ONE Mini APP. We will update the version regularly.
Note: iOS version 11.0 above and Android version 6.0.

How long can a ONE Mini work continuously?

Normally a singular charge can work for about 10 hours. It takes 1 hour to be fully charged. ONE Mini is in OFF mode when recharging. After being fully charged, unplug the charging wire and there you go.

How to update the ONE Mini?

The ONE Mini supports both software versions and Hardware firmware OTA upgrades. The R&D team will update the version based on user feedback and continue to provide a friendly experience and value-added services.

Why not use a free translation APP for language communication instead of ONE Mini?

Cell phone is personal belongings, sharing it may seems awkward and intrusive. Translation Apps are many, but difficult to use, and translation is not in real-time. The built-in microphone is poor, which undermines the accuracy of voice recognition and translation. As a language accessory in your life, ONE Mini not only supports cross-language communication, but also improves your efficiency by recording and transcription, high performance with affordable price.

How does the ONE mini differ from other hand-held or in-ear translators in terms of voice translation? (Iflytek, Google pixelbuds, pilot, Ili and etc)

Google Pixel Buds, one speaks through a pair of headphones, while the other understands the translated language through a hand-held mobile phone with Google translating APP. In-ear Headphones need to share a headset to each other and download an App, which is intrusive and inconvenient. Ili Translator support one-way off-line communication. ONE Mini uses a combination of machine and human translation to achieve the best performance with affordable price.