Life is struggle. Communicate and record better, only $49 to go, 50% OFF, a language gift for you. Life is struggle. Communicate and record better, only $49 to go, 50% off, a language gift for you.

Why does ONE Mini intergrate human translation?

Although machine translation has improved considerably, it still doesn’t compare to human translators in achieving accuracy. Culture and communication is complex. Machine translation is not omnipotent for all, especially with technical terms, business conferences and emergencies. Live interpreter is ideal for these difficult moments. Worry-free and barrier-free. That’s why we combine AI translation with live interpreters.

ONE Mini is the first on the market to provide premium live interpreter service 24/7. Just on button away, ONE Mini saves you from all types of language-barrier emergencies, giving you unparalleled communication experience.

1. Human translation & The necessity of human translation

Human translation (HT), by definition, is when a human translator—rather than a machine—translates text. It's the oldest form of translation, relying on pure human intelligence to convert one way of saying things to another.

As machine translation is not yet sufficiently sophisticated to translate sentences with the understanding and nuance that human translators provide. Actually machine translation is a common product of the three disciplines of linguistics, mathematics and computer science. Linguists do corpora for machine translation, mathematicians formalize and code corpora, and computer scientists provide software tools and hardware devices for machine translation and program. This process also determines the lag of machine translation and the necessity of human translation. If the corpus can't be updated in time, machine translation can't meet the evolving translation needs of human beings, and the update of the corpus is inseparable from human translation.

Computers are extremely fast at translating individual words and even short phrases, but when it comes to translating lengthy passages of text, their abilities are somewhat lacking. That’s why we commit to using professional human translators for ONE Mini.

Human translation includes the ability to translate the meaning of a sentence, rather than just the words and, importantly, it allows for the comprehension of idioms. A machine might translate an expression such as ‘he was known for burning the midnight oil’ literally, whereas a professional human translator would be able to find a similar idiom in the target language, or else translate it as ‘he was known for working late into the night. Reading the translation from the machine would be a confusing experience for the reader, while the human translation would make sense.

The complexities of languages, with their nuances, inflections, double entendres and idioms mean that, until machine translation improves dramatically, the only way to ensure your translation is of decent quality is to combine a professional human translation service into ONE Mini. That’s why ONE Mini is the first one on the market to provide both AI and human translators – machines are not capable of living up to our exacting standards. They may be at some point in the future, but for the moment human translation is absolutely essential.

2.Advantages of human translation

A major difference between machine and human translation is that a human translator can understand the grammar, style, tone, and idioms that are unique to the language which is generally lost in machine translation.

  • When the phrases or audio/video recording has specialized and complex terminology, like legal, medical, engineering etc. These are best handled by human translators.
  • Humans translators can handle different accents and dialects better.
  • Human translators are well-versed in grammar, slang, expressions, subtleties, specificities, etc. In contrast, machine translation has trouble in doing so.
  • A human translator has the ability to adapt to different templates and follow special guidelines that may differ between transcripts.

3.What are differences between ONE Mini live interpreters and traditional human translation?

For human translation, it includes two way services. One of the ways requires a real person to accompany and translate throughout the whole activity. For the company, except money they have to arrange the interpreter and pay for all the extra expenses such as time and Labor costs. For interpreters they usually have to spend a whole day on the spot for translation, even if the time required for translation is only a few hours. Such human translation costs are a waste of time and money for both companies and translators. Another way is through VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol), which means a real interpreter translate over the Internet. It saves time for both companies and interpreters, the cost of human translation is much cheaper and also convenient.

Let’s look at ONE Mini interpreters. cheaper, convenient, also professional. We recruit translators from all over the world and all online interpreters have undergone strict test to ensure professionalism in translation. We are the first hardware to integrate dispatching system like “uber mode”, utilize interpreters from all over the world and make the most of fragmentation time. We Integrates human translation into one hardware, helps to solve the complicated, professional and emergent cross communication, making up for the immaturity of machine translation. It also make professional interpreters around you online with lower prices.

4.The resources and strength of ONE Mini interpreters

ONE Mini provides professional human translation services for business customers and individuals around the world. ONE Mini live interpreters is suitable for different groups of people and different scenarios. Whether it is the translation for professional fields, business meetings, or dealing with emergencies in travel or life, learning foreign languages with live interpreters. ONE Mini live interpreters can always accompany you.

For live interpreter service, ONE Mini supports two-way interpreter for English to the rest 11 languages and Chinese to the rest 11 languages. As long as you have access to the internet, you can be connected with a professional online interpreter whenever and wherever you are within 30 seconds.

Live interpreter is always at your fingertips.

  • First translation hardware integrated with live interpreter
  • 24/7 service, 1000+ professionals, one-key calling, worldwide
  • Ideal for professional, complex and emergency communication

ONE Mini, designed as a pocket multilingual assistant, all-in-one with features of AI translation, live interpreter service and multilingual voice transcription. Visit our website to know more

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