Life is struggle. Communicate and record better, only $49 to go, 50% OFF, a language gift for you. Life is struggle. Communicate and record better, only $49 to go, 50% off, a language gift for you.

What makes ONE Mini the best AI voice translator?

The first ever translator you’ve ever heard might be Babel Fish, from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy “You can instantly understand anything said to you in any form of language.” With AI translation. This is no longer science fiction.

The translation based on linguistic rules and corpora of translated texts have become almost obsolete. The emergence of various machine translation tools, based on artificial intelligence and neural networks, has marked the evolution of machine translation tools. One of the most prominent one is Voice Machine Translation.

How does ONE Mini AI Voice Translation work?

AI Voice Translation

ONE Mini Real-time voice translation , or speech-to-speech translation (S2S), makes use of the latest advances in artificial intelligence, the deep neural networks.

It is necessary to go through three distinct stages to translate an oral speech from source language to target language:

  • Voice recognition transcribes oral speech, which can then be processed by machine translation systems. Voice recognition is only possible thanks to deep neural networks, which work similarly to the human brain.
  • Machine translation translates the transcription from the source language into the target language.
  • The oral message is synthesized, transforming the written translation into speech.

The Advantage of ONE Mini AI Translation

AI Translation

  • Support 12 languages, two-way voice translation
  • High accuracy, real-time translation, 1s latency
  • Independent translation device, APP works in the back end in AI translation mode
  • Normal speed voice translation, stimulating the real communication environment
  • Real-time voice translation transcript display
  • Translation transcript that is able to check, copy, paste and replay voice translation
  • Personification characters to enhance humanization and interactivity

How much difference in translation between ONE Mini and Google translation?

Currently ONE Mini supports 12 languages, cover 90% countries and most visited tourist destinations. Less is more, translation quality and accuracy overweighs the number of languages. We are committed to make ONE Mini of the best accuracy and reliability.

To achieve this, we developed and integrated Multiple Voice Machine Translation Matrix (ASR+MT+TTS) to empower matrix data processing for the optimized performance, which is proven to be superior than Google translation, supported by single machine translation engine. Meanwhile, ONE Mini implements the cutting edge Neural Machine Translation, which means it can automatically adjust the word order, choose the right wording, which gives more natural and authentic translation.

For example, when translating a full sentence from French or some of the language into English, the Multiple Voice Machine Translation Matrix automatically opt the optimized system and machine translation engine of the target language for the best performance. 

Why ONE Mini translator is better than a translation APP?

Using translation app can be clumsy. You need to unlock your phone, swipe and find the app and choose all the right settings, it takes time to set up and start the communication. With ONE Mini, it is easy to set up, much more responsive and intuitive to use. Just pull it out of your pocket and press the button to start.

Nowadays, we all heavily rely on our smartphone. Using translation app for communication constantly eats up your phone battery. Once power off, even the most killing APP will be in vain. Meanwhile, cellphone is an all-in-one multitask processing device, smoothness of communication is important. Imagine you are using the translation APP while there is an phone call coming in, or your friends is chatting with you on the Skype, or your are enjoying your favorite music, would it make life easier to have an independent translation device? With ONE Mini, obviously, there will be no interference or distraction anymore. Forget about language barrier, engage in communication.

ONE Mini is designed as a pocket multilingual assistant, all-in-one with features of AI translation, live interpreter service and multilingual voice transcription. Visit our website to know more.