Life is struggle. Communicate and record better, only $49 to go, 50% OFF, a language gift for you. Life is struggle. Communicate and record better, only $49 to go, 50% off, a language gift for you.

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- Multilingual and versatile -


Instant transcription.

Record and get multilingual, instant audio transcripts in real time, any two languages, like magic. Less labor, more efficiency, continuing transcription. Ideal trasnscription tool for both individual and collaborative editing work. Say goodbye to humdrum typewriting!

AI-powered Translation. simple and convinent.

Integrated with multiple voice translation matrix system, the supported 12 languages achieve the best translation results automatically. You speak your language, I hear mine. Perfect langauge tool for quick communication on the road.

Live interpreter at your fingertips.

First hardware to integrate Interpreters dispatching system like "uber mode", it helps to sovle the complicated, professional, and emergent cross-communication, making up for the immaturity of Machine translation. It also make professional Interpreters around you online with lower prices.


“Offering quick transcription and recording — plus music playback, like an iPod Shuffle with superpowers.” by Devin Coldewey


“Combining human and machine opens up the device to more applications.” by Marion Marking


"This combination of technology and human intelligence supposedly ensures the highest level of accuracy for their translation services." by Jack Colman